cPanel Disk Quota Notification Scam

I received a couple of rather clever Phishing Hacking Social Engineering scam emails today

They are titled

WARNING The domain “redacted” has reached their disk quota

It goes on to say;

Disk quota notification for “redacted”.

The domain “redacted” has reached their disk quota.
The account currently uses 99.96% of its disk capacity.
You should follow the link bellow to auto extend your disk capacity for free as soon as possible in order to prevent the loss of any files and future emails. Use the Disk Capacity tool at “redacted”

The link looks like your own website but it goes to a completely different URL which resembles your own cPanel login page.

It then asks for your username and password – DO NOT ENTER THESE

I assume if anyone enters a username and password it will send the scammers your website address along with your cPanel username and Password

All very clever and I expect a lot of people who don’t check links in emails or notice the different URL in the address bar will get caught out by this

Let me know if you have received this scam email in the comments below

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