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Crash-for-Cash Van Insurance Scam

Reading the Men jailed for crash-for-cash insurance scam in Coventry article on the BBC News website yesterday remined me of a little story from a few years ago when I was working in the building industry.

One of my bosses came back with the front end of his Toyota Hilux caved in.

He told everybody it wasn’t his fault and that he was the victim of a crash-for-cash insurance scam.

It came out later that no-one else was involved and that he had actually slidden in to a tree whilst showing of the differential locks 🙂

I would have liked to have seen the report

Ivor was driving along at a sensible speed when a young, immature oak tree suddenly stopped in front of him for no apparent reason.

It’s no wonder the price of van insurance has been creeping up over recent years at least we have the likes of Compare Van Insurance so we can find the best deals.

Beat the Crash-for-Cash Van Insurance Scams with Compare Van Insurance

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