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Anyone know anything about the fake orders in woocommerce on wordpress using an address 74 Eastbourne Rd ROBOROUGH EX14 5HN

Update: 20/01/2021
I had a comment from a postal worker today saying they are getting about 20 parcels and letters a week which are being sent to the fake address in Honiton the EX14 postcode area.

It goes to show that store owners are not being careful enough when checking addresses before sending items out, if you have sent a product to the fake address and not received it back, try contacting the Honiton sorting office.

Update 05/11/2020

It looks likes it adds them as a User to your WordPress installation

They are listed as a Customer – The username added to my site was bbbbb bbbbb

Looks like they are looking for weaknesses to exploit – More about it on WordPress Support Forum here –

Update 01/01/2021

More information can now be found here –

Judging by recent comments it looks like this is spreading and becoming more common.
I also had it happen to another of my little test sites again with another fake order coming though using the 74 Eastbourne Rd ROBOROUGH address.

One of the commenters below also reports that his site was hacked with an SQL injection

What to do about the Fake Orders – What I have done

It’s pretty easy to spot that they are fake Woocommerce orders so you can just cancel them, another thing to note though is it creates a new User in your WordPress Admin panel.

Rather than just deleting this user what I did was edit the User to change the email address, change the password and at the same time ensure they are logged out of all locations.

Let me know if it has happened to you and what you have done in the comments below

38 replies on “74 Eastbourne Rd ROBOROUGH EX14 5HN Fake Orders”

  1. ME TOO! The first order was rejected straight away but this one says the payment was successful so I’m unsure how to go about it.

  2. Yes I have had this 5 times over the last 2 weeks and then another just today. the order name and address details are exactly as you described.

  3. The same thing happened on my site. The exact same address and username, etc. The transaction was cancelled on their end though.

  4. On my website too only a few hours after I updated woocommerce from a staging site. The site has not yet been set up properly, not operational, I haven’t even listed the site in google.

    1. I’ve had one too that placed an order here on December 30th

      bbbbb bbbbb
      74 Eastbourne Rd
      EX14 5HN
      United Kingdom (UK)
      078 1369 7987

  5. I got two FAILED orders back to back this evening, 30 December, same details listed elsewhere here. The attempted orders were for the same product in this instance (not a new product as some have noted).

    I also had several failed attempts from the same source some months ago.

    Woocommerce is up date on my site, BTW.

  6. This.these filth has/have been doing this to several of my Woocommerce shops since mid 2020. The hacker eventually took a site down in November using a sql exploit that i couldn’t heal… Site’s db completely rifled with porn links…. Not a single db item was left untouched.

    So if he/she/they is/are sniffing around ur shop… wake up. this/these folk/folks have no conscience. The site he/she/they took down is

    1. Michael, did they attempt to contact you and demand payment in exchange for ‘restoring your site’ anything like that? Curious if they amateurs trying ransomware or just malicious aholes

  7. Have received same details as above today (or last night as 12.30am), but order failed. Let me know how I can block them PLEASE.

  8. Also had the same ‘person’ trying to order – failed 3 times. Order IP address is located in the USA. We only sell a very limited number of items with little likelihood of repeat orders so took a conscious decision not to allow customers to create accounts – in retrospect this seems like a very good decision.

  9. Just had the same as the above, same user name, address & phone number via Woocommerce plugin on our site.

    No WordPress users added but have deleted the orders.

  10. Wordfence is picking up lots of attempts by these users.

    You should report abuse to the domain host, and email host for appropriate action.
    You can find the email host using mxtoolbox, and the domain host using most domain purchasing websites. I use

    If you get onto any new ones fast it will help.

  11. Hi guys, had exactly the same as yourselves. Installing Woo Manage Fraud Orders plugin seems to work, just tested it on my personal email and it restricted me placing an order. I understand they can easily use different details but at least you can block the details they have already used such as mobile number, email address, name etc. There are two plugins, the one I’m on about has 12 reviews and 700+ downloads. All the best!

  12. We received notifications from Stripe of TWO ‘failed’ orders that were placed yesterday_ using exactly the same details mentioned in above comments

  13. I’m a postal worker in Honiton, UK. Our towns postcode is EX14, and we keep getting parcels and letters with this address. All we can do is return to sender. I’d say we get about 20 items a week.

    1. Thanks Postie,

      Just goes to show that a lot of small store owners could be getting tricked in to sending products out without even receiving payment for them.

      What happens to the parcels if there is no return address?

      Is there an actual address – 74 Eastbourne Rd ROBOROUGH ?

  14. I’m seeing this too. They are using Digital Ocean (IP for the failed Stripe orders on my sites. As they are using Go-http-client/1.1, I blocked that at Cloudflare using a worker, but you could use Wordfence’s user agent block instead.

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