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  1. Nationwide Poetry Advert Nationwide Poem Advert - Nationwide Poetry Advert Poem ‘Little Things’ by poet and mum Hollie McNish Update: 26/01/2021 Has there been a new Nationwide Advert with Poetry on the TV recently? My stats show lots of people searching for the Nationwide Advert Poem and people searching for who is the poet on the nationwide advert Please let me know […]

  2. Rat Control Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire - Rat Control Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire Rat Control Alcester : Rat Control Alveston : Rat Control Alderminster : Rat Control Badsey : Rat Control Banbury : Rat Control Batsford : Rat Control Bidford : Rat Control Blockley : Rat Control Brailes : Rat Control Broadway : Rat Control Burmington : Rat Control Cherington : Rat Control […]

  3. North Warwickshire Locksmith - North Warwickshire Locksmith We recently built a new website for a local locksmith who provides local locksmith services in the South Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire area. is a very basic site that consists of 5 or 6 services pages, 4 or 5 information pages and separate pages for the main regions of South East […]

  4. Free Advertising for Small Business - Free Advertising for Small Business. Our main website has been providing Free Advertising for Small Business since 2004 and also have a range of cost effective business advertising opportunities devised to help small business owners improve their own Online presence. It’s never been more important to have a good online presence and whilst the coronavirus […]

  5. Shipston Website Builder - Shipston Website Builder is the website of local Shipston website builder Terry Simmonds Terry has been in the web industry since 2001, initially specialising in SEO Services, he now also builds very simple, no thrills, cost effective websites that are designed to be search engine friendly, mobile friendly and user friendly. These sites are […]

  6. Search Engine Friendly Websites - Search Engine Friendly Websites The Podline Search Engine Friendly WordPress Theme is ideal for those wanting to build simple, basic search engine friendly websites. Podline can also build an initial website for you then provide instructions on how to edit, update and maintain it yourself Visit Podline for further information

  7. Wheelchair Ramps - Wheelchair Ramps Website For Sale was one of the 1st websites I built back in 2001 It started as just a hobby website which I used for learning about SEO whilst still working full time but when the phone started ringing with people wanting to buy a wheelchair ramp I soon decided I should […]

  8. A New WordPress Theme - A New WordPress Theme For V1 Sites I created a new WordPress theme for V1 Sites and a couple of my other sites over the weekend It’s loosely based on the WordPress TwentyNineteen theme but using a WordPress TwentySeventeen navigation menu and with all the drubbings removed. I’ve removed wp_head and just pull the stylesheets […]

  9. Flash Dog Advert - Flash Dog Advert a-ah, Savior of the Universe What sort of dog is that in the Flash Advert – What breed of dog is in the flash advert ?

  10. Create a Google My Business Questions Link - Create a Google My Business Questions Link Enter your details below to create a link so that people can ask questions about your business on Google My Business.