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Find the Local COVID Alert Level in your area

Get the latest information about COVID Alert levels of towns in England

Find the Covid Tier of Towns in England

Enter your nearest City or Post Town to find which Covid Tier you are in.

[Note: Currently only providing COVID Tier information of areas in England]

How The UKSBD COVID-19 Tier Search Works

When searching for the COVID Tier of Postal Towns in England our system converts this to the postcode of that town then sends this query to the “Find out the coronavirus restrictions in a local area” page, which tells you your Local COVID Alert Level and what you can and cannot do in your area.

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Note: The UKSBD COVID-19 Tier Search is not 100% accurate – If you know the postcode use the postcode search below

Find Your Covid Tier

If you want to know the COVID Tier of a place you are visiting but don’t know the postcode our COVID Tier Town search provides approximate information – to be more precise use the post code checker (when made available again)

What COVID Tier is my Town

What Tier Am I in

If you are asking What Tier is my Town this handy little tool by UKSBD helps you Find the Covid Tier of Towns in England or find your Covid Tier with the postcode search.

What Tier Am I in – Covid Search Tool

Note: the COVID Tier checker was switched off when England went in to lockdown but will be available again soon

See information below

“On Thursday 26 November the government will announce which areas are in which tier. You will be able to use the postcode checker to find out the restrictions in your area or an area you plan to visit. The NHS COVID-19 app will be updated on 2 December.

The new rules will come into effect from the beginning of Wednesday 2 December.”

Once available our COVID Tier Town search will be reactivated

Regards TJ – 23/11/2020

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