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Google Business Sites Alternative

If you have heard that Google Business Sites are soon closing down and are looking for an alternative here are some words of advice.

A lot of the time free websites are worth what you paid for them

Do you want the same thing to happen again?

Lots of companies offer free websites but there is nearly always a catch

They can be free because they are not on your domain

They can be free because the company providing them uses them as a way of advertising

They can be free because once the company has you, everytime you want to add something you get charged and what started off as a free website ends up costing more than if you got a proper one.

Free websites providers build a website using their images, templates and coding. if you want to move you are stuffed, as they ask you to remove everything which is effectively trapping you in to staying with them

Our alternative to Google Business Sites and Free Websites

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