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Google Local Context Maps

Below are a few basic Google Local Context Maps that I have created for Warwickshire towns.
They are pretty basic at the moment using the standard Satellite map type and with the zoom set between 14 and 16

I initially had 10 Place types added (currently the maximum) but then came up with the idea of letting people search for Place Types

Google Local Context Maps are still at the Beta stage, don’t always work on old browsers and likely to change feel free to Contact me if you would like to know more about Google Local Context Maps.

Google Local Context Maps of Warwickshire Towns

Google Local Context Map of Shipston-on-Stour

Basic Google Local Context Map of Shipston – To see the version where you can select Place Types see – Map of Shipston

Shipston Map

Google local context map of Shipston displaying; bakery, bank, bar, cafe, clothing store, convenience store, department store, restaurant, supermarket and tourist attraction

Do you want to know more about embedding Google local context maps on your site?

Contact me for information.

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