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How to set up a website from scratch

Advice on setting a new website up from scratch if you haven’t done it before and don’t know how to do it.

A step by step guide in how to set a website up from scratch if you have never done it before and want to maintain total control.

Step 1: Register a domain name at

Do not get any of the other add-ons they try to push on you – just register the domain.

This will automatically create an Admin panel at 123-reg

Keep the username and password somewhere safe.

Cost: approx £8.00 for 2 years

Time: approx 10 minutes

Do’s and don’ts of registering a domain name…

Step 2: Setting up hosting – Go to

This will create a Main Admin panel at Guru called

Cost: Approx £60 per year

Time: approx 10 minutes

Step 3: Within Guru main panel click on Services

You will see your hosting account listed

click Active to log in to your hosting

Time: approx 5 minutes

Step 4: Check your emails

You will receive 3 or 4 from Guru, keep these somewhere safe and make note of username and password.

Time: approx 2 minutes

Step 5 Quick explanation so far

You now have 2 admin panels at Guru;

1. Is your main client area (, this is your main admin panel for billing, support, managing services, etc.
Your username will be the email address used when creating the account, password will be the one you created.

2. The 2nd panel is your hosting control panel, the username and password is created by the Guru system but password can be changed later.

Sign back in to your main control panel (if not already signed in)

Click on where it says My Services

This will display your hosting package

Have a good look around control panel

Step 6: Log back in to your control panel at 123-reg

Next to where it says Your domains, ensure the one you want for your website is displayed and click manage.

On next screen scroll down to Advanced domain settings and click Change Nameservers (DNS)

Where it has boxes for nameserver 1 and 2 enter your nameservers (these will be in the email you received from Guru and have put somewhere safe, they will look like and
put 1 in each box and click update.

Time: approx 2 minutes

Quick recap

If you have done all of this correct you now have;

1. A 123-REG admin panel where your website is registered

2. A Client admin panel at Guru

3. A hosting control panel at Guru

4. A section in your vidahost Guru control panel for managing your website

Your website may now be live (it sometimes takes a few hours for the registration and nameserver changes to take effect)

Step 8: managing website

From within the website management section of your Guru hosting control panel (manage website) make sure you are managing your site, scroll to bottom and click on Install Applications

Select WordPress and click install

Install in / and click install application again

Wait, wait, wait

After installed, make note of username and password and keep safe.

Time: approx 5 minutes

Step 9: Login to WordPress

Click on where it says login

Ignore the clef stuff

Click on Users in dashboard on the left, hover over your username, click edit and immediately change the email address and password and click update profile.

Fill in username info section and click update again.

Go to Settings – General and set email address to what you want.

You have now installed WordPress on the website.

Time: approx 5 minutes

Step 10 is now up to you

Learn how to set up WordPress better and use it, or hire someone to set it up for you and show you how to use it.

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Note: other domain registers and hosts are also available, it’s just nice and simple with 123-reg and vidahost.

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