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IKEA Business Account

I’ve never really considered an IKEA Business Account before but after the recent launch of the IKEA Business Network I might have a look at opening a business account with IKEA.

I don’t buy a lot from IKEA but with my end of year coming up and my home office looking a bit shabby I might have a word with my accountant to see if it makes any sense having a complete office refurb before my business year ends.

Buying Home Office Furniture and Equipment from IKEA

I’ve never bought office furniture or equipment from IKEA before but that be because I never really knew there was an IKEA for Business section on their website before.

It can get a little confusing as a lot of products are in the business section and the home section of the site but as long as you ignore the breadcrumb links, the main website navigation system and get used to starting from (and returning to) the IKEA business section at IKEA for Business the site becomes more user friendly for the small business owner.

I’m surprised IKEA didn’t separate the business section out from the main IKEA website a little better but with such a crossover of products especially the ones used in multiple rooms I guess they decided a more integrated approach was better rather than effectively having 2 separate sections.

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