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Newton Creative Ltd.
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M40 1NF
Welcome to Newton Creative Ltd. We are a leading design agency, providing a range of design services to clients in Manchester and across the North West.
Retouching, Graphic Design, Creative Design, Design and Artwork, Website Design
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1JF
Ignition offers comprehensive design services covering exhibitions; events and sets; interiors; graphic design and project management. Ignition thrive on demanding and challenging clients who need extraordinary and unforgettable design to express and extend their business. Ignition is great at design service Ignition is a Manchester based design company established in 1999 with a fine track record of creating exciting yet functional custom exhibition stands, interiors and events for clients across Britain and Europe. We design, build and install exhibition stands interiors, sets and events as well as offering graphic design and project management services. Whether looking for a simple exhibition for regional touring or a double deck corporate hospitality exhibition stand Ignition delivers outstanding results that sets their clients apart from the competition. Design shapes business so our goal is to capture and reflect the energy, professionalism, ethos and character of your company. Whether youíre looking for cool elegance or funky wit our designs are tailored to your business, focussed on your needs and deliver WOW.
creative stand design, event design, graphic design, project management , exhibition design
KOSH creative
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M46 9LE
KOSH creative is a dynamic new Manchester design studio, that produces gorgeous, eye catching designs (both web & graphic). Our work is as much about purpose and meaning as it is about beauty. Whether it be through copy or imagery, everything we do is born out of thought and research producing truly astounding results.

If you run a business that needs a breath of fresh air, a cold shot of inspiration to raise your profile and attract new customers, new opportunities, then you need look no further. Whether you want our design services or just some invaluable marketing advice,
print design, Web Design, Video Production, poster design , Graphic Design
Ben Quinton Design and Photography
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M32 8AG
Full design and photography company meeting all your design needs for both print and web.
graphic , design photography, promotional merchandise, web design and hosting, ben quinton
Ryan Johnson Design
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M45 8WY
RJ Design offers a professional high quality standard of Design, specializing in Corporate Logo and Stationery Design. We have worked closely with clients in the past to ensure a quality service that the client is happy with. Please take a look out our past work on and email for a quote or further information.
stationery, corporate, logo, business card, design
Studio North
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 6LN
Studio North is a creative design and branding agency specialising in brand development, creative design and digital media.
Amici Design
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M9 4NY
Our key capabilities and skills lie in the areas of corporate design and brand development. We have over five years experience producing magazines, brochures, posters, stationery, newspapers and websites.
Robotic Handling
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M34
We design grippers for robot cells and associated cell components such as set down tables. Also we design special purpose machines.
LMN Creative
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M3 3HW
Creative design solutions
Digital Junky Designs
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M14 5DN
At Digital Junky, we provide you cutting edge commercial and personal web design at an affordable price. We specialize in simplistic & innovative designs, which encorporate aesthetics with functionality, resulting in a website that will set our clients apart from the rest.
Marple, Greater Manchester, SK66AF
Graphic Design for Packaging, Brochures, Corporate identity, Internet, sales promotion, print. Specialist fmcg packaging knowledge
Tim Marner
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL45PP
TV Whilst I love all forms of communication that get people talking face to face, there is something beautiful about sitting down in front of the big shiny light box with a box of Malteasers. And if I can create something ingenious, creative and fun to watch that gets people talking (and buying), then my work is done and I can take five on the sofa too and crack open the M&Mís... PRINT Holding a great piece of print in your hands is like holding the crown jewels Ė rare, beautiful and priceless. I understand the importance of getting this right Ėthe right design, layout and media, and most of all, the right people. And guess what: youíve already stumbled across me. Perfect. RADIO Ah, the old wireless. Weíve come a long way since 1906, when ships at sea were blasted with a violin rendition of O Holy Night, ironically in the middle of the night. One third of the UK population now listens to the radio online and I recognize the significance of getting the message right in this media. Feels a bit like I''m bragging now but I can do this too. I know, I''m brilliant. SOCIAL MEDIA Itís not just about poking and tweeting (or looking up an ex to see if they have become more/less attractive, or indeed are now with someone more/less attractive than you...). Social media is a great platform for communication and I appreciate the potential this has. I also have 1000 Facebook friends. True story. COPYWRITING I love words. Especially funny ones but then thatís really a separate conversation. I love to read too, as I feel this is the basis of good writing. I read anything and everything: even actual paper books, remember those: primitive versions of the Kindle? I realise that good copy is an essential component to the success of a project, and aspire to get this right every time. And I''m a perfectionist too Ė thatís why I always write with a pencil with a rubber on the end... BRANDING DESIGN Good branding gets into the hearts and minds of the consumer, and stays with them throughout their journey through life, like a friend they can always rely on. I understand the role of branding isnít just to demonstrate your credentials over a competitor, but also to allow the consumer to see yours is the only brand that offers a full solution to their needs. Funny that, as I offer a full solution to your needs Ė what are the chances? LOGO DESIGN I love anything visual, and appreciate how important it is that your brand and ethos resonates through your logo. Anything goes with me: if you want an orange, balancing on a basketball hoop with a lightning bolt going through it, Iíll somehow make it look amazing. Challenge accepted. STATIONERY DESIGN Even though we live in a digital age, we do still occasionally send letters, and when we do, they should look as fabulous as any other printed item. With my creative flair, Iíll make sure your stationary is anything but... see what I did there? I know. PHOTOGRAPHY I''m very snap happy and love a good photo op. I''m also great at it, and combined with my art direction prowess, always get the best out of my subjects. Great photography should capture the mood and spirit and really get inside the subject. Why not let me pop in for a brew and Iíll show you some of my photo albums... and maybe my holiday snaps, if youíre very lucky. ART DIRECTION Now I''m not saying I''m bossy... well, maybe a little bit, but good art direction can make the difference between a hugely successful project, and well, a not very successful one. And I donít deal with the latter, so I must offer great direction. And thatís not me talking Ė thatís just common sense... BROCHURE DESIGN Far removed from the Argos catalogue, brochures can be a thing of real beauty. Think of it not as a brochure, but as a portal to a lifestyle, whatever the product. I want to create things people love to look at, touch, feel and brochures can be just as much as part of this as any other print item. I know, I can be quite romantic when I try. MAGAZINE DESIGN Design is just as important as words in the magazine world and as newspapers become more magazine like in their approach to communicating messages, this is an important area of design to understand. From The Face to Heat, I understand that in magazine design, the aim is to be visual and keep the readers interest. In a fun, engaging and creative way, obviously, although if youíve got to here Iím sure youíll know that about me already. DIRECT MARKETING PIECES I love the personal touch. My business is all about communication and if I can get people talking then Iíve done my job (and we can once again break out the M&Mís). Sometimes, direct marketing is the best way of communicating messages, and by fully understanding your brand, I can make sure we create something beautiful, unique and different. Just like me. WEBSITE DESIGN The internet is an un-ending source of information Ė most of which of course is factually correct, like when a panda gets scared, its white patches turn black and visa versa. Totally true. Itís also the first place you look for information, so getting a beautifully designed and interactive website online, which is accessible and easy to use, is one of the best ways of getting your brand out there. Trust me Ė especially on that panda thing. EMAIL CAMPAIGNS 294 billion emails are sent worldwide each day. Incredible! Iíll make sure yours stay in their inbox and not be deleted in favour of a forwarded email with pictures of dogs playing snooker by employing the same great design skills and unique creativity I do to my other projects. VIRAL MARKETING There are some truly great viral ads out there, and if you havenít seen the Do the Test ad for Transport for London, you really should. And that ad sort of sums me up really Ė itís easy to miss something you werenít looking for, and as I offer so much more than youíd think, maybe youíll find something different with me that works for you. But letís be honest, youíre probably not reading this now and are busy looking up the Do the Test ad. I understand the attraction to moonwalking dancing bears.
Logos, Websites, Art_Direction, Branding, Design
Different Angle Ltd
Prestwich, Greater Manchester, M25 3BY
Different Angle Design is an industrial design agency committed to making the product development process as straightforward and as innovative as possible for our clients. We are experienced in the design of a wide range of products, some examples of which you can see in our portfolio, and can offer a tailor made solution for your project. We offer services from initial concept generation, through to CAD and prototyping, to high quality photography of the finished article for your publicity material. We take the view that your problem is our problem. We know how much there is to think about in your new project - time is precious, and we will help you make the most of it. We offer a free initial consultation, with no obligation, to see what you want from your project and how we can help you. It costs you nothing to find out if we can work together, and if you don't think we can, then you're not tied to any contract. We believe you will want us to work with you, so we've made it easy for you to see for yourself. It's your decision.
Isi Creative
Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, M26 3UP
Isi Creative - the home of solid, intelligent design. We are a creative company based in the north of Manchester specialising in design for print, web, branding and digital signage.
Web, Print, Branding, Digital Signage, Design
Ben Quinton Design
Stretford, Greater Manchester, M32 8AG
Ben Quinton Design (BQD) is a full design and photography creative agency catering for all your needs.
Manchester, Photography, Ben Quinton, Creative, Design

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