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HOW TO MAKE MONEY RE-PACKAGING HARDWOOD CHARCOAL IN NIGERIA FOR THE EXPORT MARKET (SUCH AS UK, USA, GERMANY, ETC). Powered By: Vinnozy Online Biz. http// SHORT INTRO Thanks for taking action and downloading this free report! Even though this a free report, do not underestimate the value it brings. My name is Vincent Anunkem and I hail from the Eastern part of this great country Nigeria. Here’s a picture of me: I first got started in Internet business in June 2004 and it wasn’t till 2008 that I finally did this full time. I’m, however, not an Internet Marketing “guru”, I’m just your typical normal guy who happened to stumble upon this thing called Internet Marketing before you and now I’m keen to share some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past few years with you. The cry for alternative energy source has put CHARCOAL in the forefront in the global market. A large market exists in EU, USA and ASIA with prices ranging from £170 to £190 per ton (FOB Nigerian Port), depending on mode of packaging. The charcoal industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and a money spinner for interested investors. The United Kingdom alone consumes more than 60,000 metric tons of charcoal annually, out of which about 70% comes from tropical Africa. Other countries around the world equally consume charcoal in great quantity. If only you know how bad your finances is being hurt by not tapping into the hardwood charcoal export goldmine just like some other Nigerians living abroad then you would speedy consider doing the business. Charcoal is the blackish residue consisting of impure carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood, sugar, bone char, or other substances in the absence of oxygen (see pyrolysis, char and biochar). The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, porous material resembles coal and is 85% to 98% carbon with the remainder consisting of volatile chemicals and ash. FACTS ABOUT HARDWOOD CHARCOAL History: Historically, production of wood charcoal in districts where there is an abundance of wood dates back to a very ancient period and generally, consist of pilling billets of wood on their ends so as to form a conical pile, openings being left at the bottom to admit air with a central shaft to serve as a flue. Estimated National Production: There is no exactly figure of the national production of charcoal in Nigeria. It is however estimated between 1 million - 1.5 million MT {Foraminifera Market Research} Export from Nigeria: Though the history charcoal production in Nigeria is not properly documented but it is not until the enthronement of democracy in 1999 that reinforced the implementation of many export policies that charcoal was first exported in Nigeria. At the moment, Nigeria exports hundreds of thousands of charcoal annually. SOME OF THE CONTENTS OF THE MANUAL INCLUDE:- 1. Introduction 2. Types of charcoal 3. Uses 4. Charcoal Season 5. Packaging Of Charcoal To International Standard 6. Start up Capital Only very few Nigerians for now have penetrated the lucrative market and reaping cool big profit without stress. The KNOW-HOW of wood charcoal export secrets had been covered up and seriously guided for sometime but now we the present Nigerian revolutionary wealth builders have decided to uncover the secrets and release them without reservation to fellow aspiring Nigerians who so desire and keen in operating the wealth building secrets. DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE FEW? THEN READ AND ACT ON THIS: The price is a bargain for the valuable information and facts that would aid your success in the “SILENT GOLDMINE” Business. Conclusively, I would advise you to give it a bold trial and you are sure of being on your way to a sound financial independence and freedom you so much desire; if you judiciously apply the principles highlighted in the manual and with good luck and Almighty God’s blessing and guidance success is guaranteed. What are you waiting for….explore the content of the e-book and start smiling to ur bank by ordering for the e-book. Cheers & Gudluck !! TO ORDER 1. Pay a BONANZA PRICE of 1,499.00 into any branch of Access Bank plc. Account Name: Vincent Anunkem Account Number: 0057006288 2. Text the following details to me on 07064572674 or send email with the following details to: i. Name. ii. Email address iii. Phone number. iv. Amount paid. v. The product(s) you paid for. Your product will be delivered immediately your payment is confirmed. Thank you and God bless. To your lasting success, Vincent Anunkem. 0706 457 2674.
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