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Wellness and Holistic treatments: Holistic Massage 1hr£30.00 A total body and mind treatment that incorporates muscle stretches, energy balancing and pressure points. The body and face oils are mixed with essential oils that are blended for the client. Hot stones and hot towels are applied throughout the treatment to enhance the therapeutic benefits. Holistic Facial 1hr£30.00 A deep cleansing facial including exfoliation, mask, massage and moisturizer, as well as scalp and shoulder massage. Manuka Massage from New Zealand 1hr£30.00 A total body and face treatment that includes a Manuka sugar scrub and soap wash . It is then followed by a honey and oil massage, throughout the treatment hot oil is poured onto the body for intense relaxation and skin conditioning. Thai-Style Pradara Body Massage 1hr£30.00 A total body treatment that uses deep massage with heated compresses full of Thai herbs, plants and fruits, that works on deeper muscles to release toxins and ease strain and tensions. Complementary Treatments: Body System Reflexology 1hr£30.00 An effective treatment that targets the bodies’ main systems including the Lymphatic, Respiratory, Skeletal, Reproductive, Endocrine and Digestive Systems. Zone Reflexology 1hr£30.00 It is generally conceded that 75% to 80% of ailments are attributed to stress and reflexology is capable of inducing a state of deep relaxation and tranquillity and therefore induces a state of well-being. Pregnancy Massage 1hr£30.00 Massage is carried out in what ever position is comfortable. It gives special attention to the mother-to-be, which in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her. Massage reduces stress hormones in the body, regardless of individual circumstances, a pregnant woman's body is challenged, changed and stressed in many ways. Baby Massage Training session 1.5hr£30.00 Baby massage enhance parent and baby bonding whilst encouraging relaxation and relieving stress. The techniques help create a general feeling of wellbeing for babies through stimulating the release of endorphins. Occupational and leisure Massage : Massage is used to help relax and lengthen, tight restrictive muscles, break down scar tissue in injured muscles, remove toxins and increase overall circulation. This helps to prevent Occupational Overuse Syndrome and Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders. Ideal for: Hairdressers, Assembly line workers, Cashiers, Computer Operator, Computer Programmers, Dentist, Golfers, Nurses. Occupational Massage 1hr£30.00 A total body treatment that incorporates muscle stretches, pressure points and hot stones. The body oils are mixed with essential oils that are blended for each client. Hot stones and hot towels are applied to enhance the therapeutic benefits. Golfing Massage 1hr£30.00 Pre-game tight muscles not only inhibit your swing, they can lead to injury. After the treatment your swing will benefit from a freer, more natural motion. More pliable muscles with allow for a greater range of motion, which in turn creates a more powerful, repeatable swing. Detox treatments: A massage treatment designed specifically for those wishing to cleanse their body and purge the muscles of toxins. Ideal for use in conjunction with a detox plan or as a start to a diet regime; or simply if you've been burning the candle at both ends. Treatment Benefits: Augment detox programs, Stimulates and improves blood and lymph circulation, Strengthens immunity, Improve muscle tone and skin texture. Detox Body Massage 1hr £30.00 Using essential oils to reduce water re-tension and aid digestion. The gentle and relaxing massage also releases toxins and stimulates lymphatic drainage Detox Aroma Facial 30mins£30.00 Deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate and massage with individually blended products to suit your skin type using natural essential oils. Lymphatic Drainage Massage 1hr£30.00 Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle and effective massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. It is a rhythmical relaxing massage, where the skin is methodically stretched towards directions of lymphatic flow treating fluid retention and oedema while supporting the immune system and cellular detoxification. Deep Tissue Massage: A thoroughly revitalising experience involving a full body massage from your head down to the tips of your toes. This treatment uses deep strokes to revitalise and re-energise your muscles. Treatment Benefits: Increases energy levels, Eases muscular aches and pains - Back pain, Arthritis, Stiff neck, Muscle pain etc.. Swedish Full Body Massage 1hr£30.00 Swedish Full Body Massage 1hr 30 min£45.00 A total body and face treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation and hot towel work; it is then followed by a relaxing ancient body massage carried out with either blended oils or cream. Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage 30mins£25.00 Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage 1hr£30.00 Hot stone Massage 1hr£30.00 A total body and face treatment that uses the thermal healing power of heated basalt stones. The high level of iron and magnesium in the stones allows them to release heat slowly to work where the body needs it, increasing circulation so that nutrients reach the cells in the body more quickly, and detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys can work more efficiently. Relaxing and Soothing Treatments: Indian Head Massage 1hr£30.00 An Indian Head Massage helps relieve headaches, releases tension in the shoulder and back area, increases blood circulation to the scalp and head. Cold Stone Facial massage from New Zealand £30.00 Regular cold stone facial massage can lead to smoother, firmer, more radiant skin by minimizing sagging and fine lines, releasing toxins and impurities, maximizing your skin's natural radiance and releasing tension.   Aromatherapy Body Massage 1hr.£30.00 A total body treatment that combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialised massage drawn from the traditions of both east and west. Aromatherapy Facial 1hr…£30.00 Purifying and nourishing treatment to give the skin a healthy and radiant glow. Gentle skin refiner and active aromatherapy products are used during lymph drainage, pressure point massage and scalp treatment.
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