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Opening an Amazon Business Account

I almost can’t believe that in all the years I’ve had an Amazon Account and run my business I’ve never heard of an Amazon Business Account before.

Amazon describe it as “A new competitive marketplace for B2B products on that serves the procurement needs of businesses of every size”

I’ve no idea how long Amazon Business has been around but it looks almost too good to be true, the features of personal Amazon account but tailored for businesses.

Better prices, saves time, greater control and easy reconciliation.

Find out more here How to open an Amazon Business Account »

Amazon Business FAQ

Q – Do I need a VAT number to register?

A – No, adding a VAT number is optional. If you do not wish to add a VAT number during registration, leave the field blank and continue with your registration. If you choose to add a VAT number, it will be printed on your invoices. You can add your VAT number any time after registration through the ‘Ordering and shopping preferences’ on Your Account to enable this functionality.

Q – Why do I get an error when I add a VAT number?

A – You may get an error message if the VAT number is incomplete or not in the required format. Make sure that the VAT number you add is complete and in the following format – GB123456789 (2 digit country code followed by a 9 digit number).

Q – Why do I get an error while adding my address?

A – Make sure that the address you have provided is correct as we match the address entered with known addresses provided by Royal Mail. If you are certain the address you have entered is correct, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to ignore the error and move forward with the registration.

Q – What business name do I need to add on “Business info” section?

A – Add your business full legal name in the “Business name” field. Do not use your personal name or your department name in this section.

Q – What information should I add on the “Contact info” section?

A – Provide your full name and job title in the “Contact information” section to verify that you are an employee of the business you are registering. Provide your name and not your department or administrator name in this section.

Q – What email ID should I use to register for an Amazon Business account?

A – Please use your business email ID to register for an Amazon Business account. We use email IDs as part of our account verification process to ensure that you work for the business you are creating an account for. We do not recommend the use of generic email IDs (e.g.

Q – Can I convert my current Amazon account to an Amazon Business account?

A – If you use your Amazon account for business purchases, you can convert your existing account to a business account. However, please ensure that the email ID associated with the account is your business email ID.

Q – What happens to my Amazon Prime membership if I convert my account?

A – If you convert your personal Amazon account to an Amazon Business account, your Amazon Prime membership will automatically transition to your Amazon Business account and you will be able to access Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits.

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