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Private Campervan Hire UK

Whilst doing my research on Campervan Hire in the UK I’ve found lots of companies who have fleets of campervans for hire but not that many private campervans that campervan owners hire out.

Is private campervan hire in the UK not that big a thing or is it just that the big campervan hire companies tend to be better at advertising?

To try and level the playing field out a bit I’ve created a new way for campervan owners to advertise their campervans for hire

Whether it’s just a days campervan hire for events or whatever, weekend campervan hire, weekly campervan hire or long term campervan hire provided your an independent campervan owner who hires tour campervan out privately, you can register in our Campervan Directory

If you want to know more about advertising your campervan for hire see our Advertise Your Campervan page.

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