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Wheelchair Ramps Website For Sale was one of the 1st websites I built back in 2001

It started as just a hobby website which I used for learning about SEO whilst still working full time but when the phone started ringing with people wanting to buy a wheelchair ramp I soon decided I should do something about this and create a business.

I found a wheelchair ramps supplier updated the website and was soon making more money from selling wheelchair ramps than I was by going to work.

I added more ramps to the site and in 2004 gave up work to concentrate on my ramps business and my SEO business.

As the years went on my wheelchair ramps website and the business as a whole got a bit neglected as I was spending more and more time on SEO.

As it wasn’t costing anything to run and I was still selling a few ramps I just kept it running on the backburners.

Seeing the growing market for wheelchair ramps has made me think I’m really wasting a good resource here but haven’t really got the time or inclination to do much more with it.

With this in mind I’m thinking of offering my wheelchair ramps website for sale or even the whole wheelchair ramps business.

If anyone is interested contact me on 01608 663759

wheelchair ramps website for sale

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