Google Review Link Generator - Create Your Own Google Review Button

This tool can be used to create a Google Review Button for Google Local listings and provides you with the code needed to add the review button to your own website.

Create your own Google Review Link

Replace the CID and Business Name below with your own name and number.

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If you don't know your Google CID number post your Google+ Page in the comments below and I will find it for you.

Replace the CID and LRD numbers below with your own numbers.
Follow link for information on finding your CID and LRD numbers - How to find your Google CID Number

If you do not know how to obtain your numbers, post your Local Page URL in the comments below and I will find them for you.

Google Review Link Generator

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CID Number:  

LRD Number:  

Create a Custom Google Reviews Button

With the version below you can select button size, color, text and receive the code for your button.

Google Review Button Generator

Business name:

Cid Number:

Lrd Number:

Button Text:  

Button color:

Button Size:

Update: 24/11/2015 - New Automated Versions

Since making this Google Review Button Generator and following on from discussions at Local Search Forum two developers have created automated versions that save the trouble of finding CID and LRD numbers.

Far easier than my long winded way of doing it :)

Example Google Review Buttons

1. Size dependent on text using Float.
Review UKSBD

2. Fluid, full width, text centered.
Review us on Google

All you actually need is your review URL that this tool creates and you can style how you like or even use existing buttons.

For alternative way of creating Google Review Links Click Here

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