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Using Personalised Number Plates for SEO

I came up with the idea a few months ago of using personalised number plates as a way of advertising.

SEO may not be a common terminology to the general public yet, but as more and more small business owners know what it stands for now, I decided to get one for my V1 SEO website.

V1 SEO Number Plate Pesonalised number plates for SEO

I finally picked the new car up yesterday so have put the plate on that and will also have a sticker put in the back windscreen showing the full URL.

Next time I visit any business centres, industrial units, networking events, business groups, etc. I will make sure it is parked up where everyone sees it.

If any small business owner in South Warwickshire spots the V1 SEO number plate drop me a message saying where you saw it and I’ll do you a free upgraded listing in UKSBD Business Directory

Have your plates made at

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