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Vaccinated Nurses Calling in Sick After Receiving COVID Vaccinations


I’ve just read that loads of nurses in Staffordshire are ringing in sick just a couple of days after receiving their COVID vaccinations due to side effects.

Some are saying they have had a very bad headache others say they suffered nausea and even fainting

If this is true why isn’t it in the news anywhere?

Update 15:00 14/01/2021

Others are reporting that there is no problem in their hospitals which makes one wonder;

Have they got a bad vaccine batch at one hospital?
Was the vaccine administered wrongly?
Why is one hospital having this problem and not others?

It may just be bad luck, but if I was a journalist I would be trying to find out what’s happened at this particular hospital.

Droves of nurses off sick after COVID vaccinations

Droves of nurses off sick after COVID vaccinations

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