What is linkbaiting?

What to do when someone in the pub asks you what Linkbaiting is.
I was having a discussion the other day with some mates in the pub who wondered what exactly it was I did.

They knew I worked from home doing webwork, but most thought that meant I just sold things on ebay!!

I tried to explain that I was an SEO and that I built websites with the intention of them appearing high in the search engines, but this went straight over their heads.

I then started talking about the tactics used to get these rankings and other ways of generating traffic even when the rankings weren’t as high as needed, again this went straight over their heads.

When I moved on to talking about keyword research, content writing, link building, referrer spamming and linkbaiting the blank looks made me realise I was wasting my time trying to explain any further.

Linkbaiting is the act of producing a catchy article, story, etc.in the hope that other webmasters will link to it as a reference.

The next time when I tell someone I do webwork and sell online, they ask if I am on ebay, I think I’ll just nod and say yes.

Linkbaiting is the act of producing a catchy article

written on 2015-10-26
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