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Multiple search boxes on google homepage

I saw a discussion today about how much google is changing and especially how they are mixing in other things (product search, video search, local business center, news, etc.) in with organic search pages.

This made me think how much better google would be if they just kept these all separate, but advertised the other options more.

A good way I see of them doing this would be if instead of having small text links to the other options they could have multiple search boxes on their homepage, like in this google demonstration

Google General Search

Google Product Search

What I think would be even better would be if they created a new system for products, services, ecommerce etc. and then gave webmasters the choice of their pages appearing in this new system or the old system.

By doing this the original search engine would revert back to being useful for finding information, where as the new system would be good for people looking for business, services, products etc.

Eventually it could become 2nd nature to go direct to product search when searching for products or Google may have a 2nd search homepage

Google Product Search

Eventually all Google Products have their own homepages which are promoted separately from Organic search results.

General Search

Product Search

Local Business Search

Video Search

Image Search

News Search

Books Search

Wow! It’s now over 10 years since I 1st predicted this – Multiple search boxes on google homepage – One day it may happen.

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