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UKSBD is the search engine optimisation division of the UK Small Business Directory a TJS Marketing Ltd website.

Improve your Search Engine Rankings with our Small Business SEO Services

We have been providing a range of SEO Services and SEO Packages since 2002 and have now tailored some of these packages to suit the small business we have registered in our Business Directory.

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SEO Services – The Hard Truths

When using the services of an SEO Company be careful that it doesn’t cost you more for the optimisation than you ever make on the product/service – The SEO company may not mind that you spend £10k to earn £5k back, they still make their £10k.

  • It all Begins with Keyword Research – Before doing any optimisation we 1st need to know what to optimise for.
    • There is little point in appearing at the top of Google for a keyword or short phrase if no one types that keyword or short phrase in to Google when looking for the services or products you provide.
  • Competitor Analysis – You’ve selected your keywords but is there any point optimising for them?.
    • Competitor analysis isn’t just about seeing what your competitors are doing to rank well it’s also about deciding whether it’s worth targeting the keyword.

      Are you really going to outrank Compare the Market for Car Insurance on your £200 a month budget? If not keep that £200 in your pocket

      Is there much point paying a lot of money to be top of Google for a particular product, if other websites in the top 5 are selling the identical product for considerably less than you. Likewise if that product is being heavily target by other businesses’ using Google Ads or Google Shopping who are selling it cheaper than you.

  • Learn as much about SEO as you can – SEO can be very time consuming and time costs money.
    • We all sit there at our offices with a bit of free time to spare, lets say you have 30 minutes spare time, you know about optimising you can spend that 30 minutes improving you site – it’s basically cost you nothing.

      Now lets assume you know nothing about SEO, editing your site, etc. and there is 30 minutes of work that needs doing.

      That same little job you did in that bit of free time you had has now cost you £50 if using an SEO Agency, possibly as low as £20 if using a local SEO guy, but these £20 and £50’s soon mount up.

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