Update 22/11/2023 – Oh No! What’s happened to Emily Valentina?

It’s now been over a week since I have seen an Emily Valentina advert on Twitter

Pretty sure I haven’t blocked her or filtered my results to show her less, so can only assume the advertising budget has run out or the experiment has ended.

I never did click an ad to find out what it was all about, begining to think that maybe I should have 🙁

Who is Emily Valentina on Twitter?

If, like me, you are plagued by the Emily Valentina ads on Twitter, have you weakened and clicked on an ad to find out more?

I’m determined not to click on an ad but are intrigued as to whether she is a real person or not @EmilyValentina_

Is Emily Valentina a Real Person?

Does anyone know whether Emily Valentina is a real person or whether she is just the face of a marketing campaign on Twitter

Is Emily Valentina AI?

Apparently not, but that could just be AI making us think that.

Rather than slowing down the ads seem to be increasing more and more, I would have expected this had I clicked on one a few times, but even though I have still resisted the ads keep coming. I would love to know how much she/they have spent on Twitter ads so far and what her/their budget is

Is Emily Valentina active anywhere else as well as Twitter X

I don’t really use any of the other social platforms apart from Twitter X, for those who do, are you seeing Emily Valentina on those too or is this just a Twitter campaign?

More people talking about Emily Valentina

More and more people appear to be talking about her and apparently there was recently a feature about Emily Valentina in a Spanish newspaper.
The ad campaign is obviosly creating awareness but why though?

I dare say there is something at the end of this rainbow.

Is Emily Valentina German or Swedish?

Yellow Duck
Yellow Duck – Note: This is not a real duck

Comment on Emily Valentina on Twitter

Please comment below if you succumbed and clicked to find out more about her, let me know a bit more about her (or the marketing team behind the Emily Valentina campaign) so I don’t weaken and click the ad too.

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