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What Does Google Like

Google likes pages to be primarily for users, not for search engines.

Google likes a clear navigation system with every page being reachable from another reachable page on the same website ideally using anchor text that provides information about the page being linked to.

Google likes other websites linking to a website, provided the links are not there with the intention of manipulating Google rankings.

Google doesn’t like crawling websites just for the sake of it and prefer to be steered towards pages that have had content updated since last crawl and to be steered away from pages that don’t really need regular crawling.

Google likes useful, information rich content that accurately tells Google what the page is about as soon as Google hits the page.

Google like a site structure that gives more relevance to the important pages on a site and less relevance to infill.

Google likes to have access to images, CSS and JavaScript’s so it is important that these are not blocked via robots.txt

Google likes URLS’s to remain constant and preferably have few pages replicating the same content but laid out differently (i.e. ordered by date, ordered by colour, ordered by latest, ordered by popular) If possible have one preferred option and canonicalise the others to tell Google which is the main page.

Google likes a pages most important content to be clearly visible and not hidden behind tabs or expanding sections.

Google likes good clear text when providing information rather than images.
If images are used try to provide concise, descriptive alt attributes which tell Google what they represent.

Google likes websites to load quickly, be mobile friendly and provide good user experience on all devices.

Google likes websites to be secure using HTTPS

Google likes websites that are unique, informative, have valuable content, satisfy the searchers needs and are engaging.

Google likes to know what the primary subject of a page is as soon as possible. This can be achieved by the page having clear relevant titles, headers, content and informative links pointing towards it.
(i.e. if the page is about Red Widgets, make the anchor text of links in your navigation system pointing to the page include the text Red Widgets)

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