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The Google Digital Garage ~ Make the most of the web

The Digital Garage is a personalised learning plan set up by Google to help you get the digital skills you need to grow your business.

Completely free, you can learn what you want when you want, with the aid of free tutorials, videos and tests.

You can set your own goals and create a learning plan that is right for you, whether that be advice on selling online, using social media or getting noticed online more.

You can take little tests after each course to ensure you are learning well, have your own personal dashboard to track your progress and gain Google Digital Garage badges as you go.

You can explore more ways of online marketing, gaining customers and growing your business and can even get certified by completing all the topics.

More information here –

On completion you get some nice Google Digital Garage Badges and a nice Google Digital Marketing Training Certificate

Sample video as used in the course below.

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