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Searchers Intention Research for SEO

Keyword research has always been considered very important for SEO

With Google RankBrain, AI, Neural Matching, etc. it is now equally important to do Searchers Intention Research

Google appear to be using the searchers intention more and more

What does that phrase mean?

Basically Google try to decipher the intention of the searcher based on the search phrase used.

If a searcher searches for a product, Google assume the intention of the searcher is that they are looking to buy the product and will return in the results trusted and authoritative sites that sell the product – Plus lots of Google Shopping results and ads.

If the searcher searches for “size of product”, “type of product”, etc. Google assumes the intention of the searcher is that they are looking for information on the product and return information type websites in the results – Plus FAQ’S layouts, similar phrases, video tips, etc.

If a search searches for a service, Google assumes the searcher is looking for a local service provider and returns local to you (often based on your history or IP) local service providers = Plus maps and Google My Business listings

Optimizing and Searchers Intention Research

There are 2 ways of approaching Searchers Intention Research Optimization

  • You use Searchers Intention Research to discover what types of results your key phrases deliver and build your web pages based on the results
  • You use Searchers Intention Research to decide on what key phrases to target based on your web pages and the results of Searchers Intention Research

To sum up

If you sell a product, the search phrases you are targeting are seen as Buyers Intention search terms, lots of shopping results, ads and established competitors are returned in your results, and it is impossible to compete against, you need to user Searchers Intention Research to come up with new target keywords and phrases.

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