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Google Business Directory Coming Soon

Originally published on April 2nd 2015

Google has had a mish mash type of business directory for years first using the Google Directory (a parallel DMOZ), Google Maps, Google Places, Google Local, Google My Business.

All have been a mess, and in my opinion the reason being was because they were trying to combine a Maps product with a commercial directory.

The Google Maps team are effectively a bunch of geeks trying to build a mapping system, the business team are a bunch of marketers trying to monetise it.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when the 2 groups get together.

Now the only true way of making both work is to completely split it, and what better way is there than leaving the Google Maps team to develop their mapping system and the Google Marketing team to go off and create a dedicated business directory

Google Business Directory

So why a new Google Business Directory now?

Business owners treat maps as though it was a business listings site

Local listings appear to be getting worse and worse.

Google+ Business Pages just hasn’t worked

Mobile is taking over

Business Owners just don’t understand how Google My Business works

The perfect solution would be a proper, commercial Google Business Directory and a Google Business Directory App

Will it happen soon? My best bet is within months rather than years.

Google My Business removed from Google+

Take Google My Business out of Google+, Remove all the Google Maps requirements and confusion and it becomes a business listings site that all small business owners will want to be a part of.

Google have 10 years+ of directory data, maps data and Google+ data to create a stand alone business directory which will then just spawn new entries.

Why has it taken this long?

Google Business Directory

Find a UK business on Google Maps

Google Business Directory UK

Are Google on the verge of creating a new Google Business Directory

I’ve been predicting Google Business Directory Coming Soon for a couple of years now, and with the latest changes in Google+, Google Maps, Google MapMaker recently I wouldn’t be surprised if 2017 didn’t see a new Google Business Directory launched.

The have effectively been using Google Maps, Google Local, Google Places, Google+ and Google My Business as a way of gaining data over recent years and it would make perfect sense now for them to create a new stand alone business directory.

Everything has been free whist they gain the data, once they have enough to create a business directory will it remain free, will it be paid only or will it be a combination of both similar to the UKSBD Business Directory where basic listings are free but upgrades are available?

My betting is that there will be a 3rd option based on the AdWords way of doing things.
Free listings but you are charged on either how often your listing is visited, how often your contact details are delivered or how often people click through to your website.

Only time will tell if we get a new Google Business Directory – but watch this space.

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