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SEO has changed more in the last 2 years than any other period in the past decade, some say even more than Florida.

The days of just adding a few keywords in the right place and pointing lots of anchor text rich links to your website to gain high rankings are well and truly over.

Good On Page SEO has never been more important, and where better to learn about good on page SEO than from a well respected SEO expert with more than 20 years experience of ranking websites and who specialises in on page techniques.

Well respected in SEO communities, Ray Field, has finally taken time out from optimising clients websites to create an online SEO Training Course called Fresh Bananas that makes even those who have a good understanding of SEO sit back and take notice.

Who is the SEO Training Course for and what makes it different?

As you have probably seen already, there are numerous SEO training courses online, so what makes this one different?

As the old idiom goes; It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Online SEO courses tend to supply information on the basics, whereas the Fresh Bananas SEO Course gets right down to the nitty gritty and talks about the techniques only years of experience teaches you.

Fresh Bananas isn’t cheap, isn’t for absolute beginners (unless they have a methodical approach to things) but is there for those who know the basics and who want to move to the next level.

SEO Course for website designers, website developers and even other SEO providers

That’s right, the course is so concise it is ideal for those already providing similar services who would like to up their game.

Already providing basic SEO to clients but not getting the results you used to achieve?

After taking the Fresh Bananas SEO course the services you provide can improve immensely and thus soon pay for the course itself with your improved client retention and improved results.

SEO Course Special Offer – Learn SEO

When you sign up with UK Small Business Directory you receive a unique ID number, ignore all the sign up buttons on the Fresh Bananas website, look for the phone number (top right), give Ray a ring, mention UKSBD and your unique ID number and you save on the published prices.

Why such a big saving on this SEO Course – what’s the catch?

Teach Yourself SEO Min SiteThe UK Small Business Directory has 200,000 small businesses registered, these are exactly the types of business the SEO Course is devised for and getting the message to them direct saves Ray a lot of money in advertising fees.

I’ll be honest here, Ray pays me commission on all sign-ups I generate, but even with my commission Ray stills feels he can offer this discount as UKSBD members are exactly what he wants.

Want to find out more then visit Fresh Bananas »

Remember though – Ring Ray to get your Special UKSBD Discount

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